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Footage from my own animated documentary called "LIFE" will be played in this background. Further down the page you can find any information what I do in my spare time or what I have done throughout my life.


Hi! I'm Jordi, 20 years old

First, I'd like to personally welcome you on my page. I appreciate you checking it out.

Information about me findable on this page

If you've seen the 'about me'-sub menu and this image on the left you probably already know I love to play chess. Chess is my passion. I'm also a semi-professional landscape painter, I write poems, I play the piano, I sing and I love to help in local politics.

Extra information about me which is not on this page

I love learning new stuff. At the moment I do have a girlfriend, sorry girls and I am interested in a lot of stuff. "What kind of stuff Jordi?" Well... realistic arts, astronomy, science, architectural design, programming, gaming, special brewed beer, books, soccer, basketball and more...



You can check out my personal rating statistics and game history over at the Dutch national chess association website. (KNSB)

Chess Society

If you're interested in where I play in real life. My local chess club in Zandvoort also has a website you can check out if you like to.

One of the many websites I use to learn, play and practice chess is, add me as a friend and we can play chess sometime!




Ik mis je meer dan ooit

Jij was mijn engel,
Vanuit de hemel viel je regelrecht in mijn hart.
Maar nu dat je weg bent, ben ik verloren zonder jou,
Waar moet ik beginnen?
Mijn hart is gebroken,
Mijn gevoelens verbrijzeld.
Ik weet dat je terug komt, maar dan nog,
Ik ben verre van gevleid.
Ik mis je meer dan ooit,
Je hebt mijn hart een reden gegeven om te werken.
Ik mis je tot op de dag dat je terug zal keren,
Ik mis je meer dan ooit. 


Countdown till next elections.


16 - 03 - 2022 in Zandvoort

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